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This web store was created with the only mission to supply all your needs for Paul Scerri Skin and Body care products. lotions, cleansers, creams, serums, bath oils, body oils and body creams, in matter of fresh-great quality, fast FREE shipping and.... THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE! Every one product purchased from this web store,  supporting the effort for every child's right to health, education, equality, and protection, through foundations such as UNICEF and WATER.ORG.              

Paul SCERRI TONING Program 2x0.24 fl oz

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Paul SCERRI sources exceptional quality plants from all over the world to derive its essential oils and controls every step of the process of manufacturing.


Paul SCERRI TONING Program 2x0.24 fl oz


Paul SCERRI TONING Program 2x0.24 fl oz

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Applied each day on a previously cleaned face and neck, it re-establishes the fundamental stability of the atonic (slacking) skin. TP is composed of two interactive phases:

Intensive Action - This real beauty concentrate, rich in natural active substances with stimulating and lifting properties, is a powerful reactivator of the biological activity of the atonic (slacking) skin. Apply 5-6 drops on the whole face and neck and massage until total penetration.

Moderating Action - It controls and stabilizes the efect of the INTENSIVE Action according to the specific needs of the skin. Its draining effect clarifies the epidermis and helps reduce the cutaneous congestion. After the INTENSIVE Action, apply 5-6 drops of MODERATING Action on the whole face and massage towards the neck. Finish the treatment with the application of the TONING Day or TONING Night cream.


Weight: 2x0.24 Fl oz (2x7 ml)


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